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Welcome Chuck!

Chuck - a 1984 MK1 VW GTI

Welcome Chuck!

This is Chuck, Chris’ 1984 Mk1 GTI.  Chuck is currently undergoing a 20/20 turbo swap.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Exhaust Header

Look what Chris painted!

Exhaust Header

Exhaust Header

Interior Pics Posted

Now that stage 1 is well on its way, I’ve started putting thought into stage 2.

Current interior pics are up in the gallery.  My friend Christine and I are brainstorming ideas for the restoration of that area.


Engine with Head and Intake Manifold


After last year’s fiasco with towing the car, I gave up.  I’d spent way too much money, way too much time, and achieved absolutely no results.

As spring broke this year I got my resolve together and decided to finish the car.  Chris and a friend came down with a tow dolly and a sick Volvo Turbo Wagon and were able to raise the rear up enough to tow it to Chris’ house in Hagerstown.  She’ll be done soon, folks.

1989 VW Fox with Coilovers

As she sits now!


Ok, so lesson one for those considering taking on a project of this magnitude without the requisite garage space.  Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT take out the engine AND install coilovers in the rear unless you leave said coilovers spun way-the-hell up.  Otherwise, your car will be altogether too low in the rear to get it onto a tow dolly.  Which is what we have here today.

Starter and Garage Acquired!

Picked up a reman’ed Bosch starter for Katia from JohnBarleyCorn on the ‘tex.

Last year I had Nina hauled off to scrap metal heaven, but as revenge she took with her the cores I needed for the new starter and alternator. Luckily, Matt neglected to ever return his alternator core to GAP, which will supply me with a core for that.

Chris has gotten us a garage in Frederick, which means it’s just a matter of getting the car there.  Matt gets back from USAF Tech School in a few weeks, and I’m taking vacation then.  It’s just a few long days to go!

Transfer Finished

All of the “build” portions of the old page have now been transferred, as well as the images.  I really, really like the Zenphoto gallery.  Check it out!


Today I added a 301 redirect from /Katia to and installed WordPress.  Currently in the process of transferring the old site to the new site.

Hopefully all the broken images and links will be fixed soon.