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Katia – Exhaust

The exhaust for this project was supplied by Quantum Mechanics. It is a
full-custom unit made from 2.25″ aluminized steel and includes a handy
cat delete pipe . . . for off-road use.

I actually purchased the readily available TT exhaust
from Dean (fox-n-it on the ‘tex), as well as the now-unobtainable
exhaust manifold. However, during last year’s Fox Get-Together,
Jonathan at Quantum Mechanics made an announcement that put the TT unit
up for sale. Jonathan was selling a Fox exhaust
header from Eurosport – one of two still known to exist. (Pictures

The problem with the TT exhaust is that it follows the stock
exhaust’s route, which is rather restrictive. It’s still a decent
exhaust, but with the new header, something more was in order. That’s
when Quantum Mechanics stepped in with this beauty:

Side-by-side comparison: QM exhaust, TT exhaust, Stock exhaust.

Side-by-side comparison: QM exhaust, TT exhaust, Stock exhaust.

Notice the difference? I can’t wait to hear it in action, coupled
with the high-flow head, big cam, and header. Don’t worry. There’ll be